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DarkLaunder makes Bitcoin anonymous. Bitcoin mixer, tumbler and anonymous Bitcoin exchange. Buy and sell Bitcoins with CASH.

DarkLaunder.com launders mixes anonymizes your Bitcoins and enables you to buy or sell Bitcoins anonymously.


Bitcoin Mixer And Exchange

Bitcoin Mixer

DarkLaunder enables you to tumble your Bitcoins with the coins of thousands of other users, thereby making them untraceable in the blockchain. Anonymizing your Bitcoins is critical for online safety.

Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

DarkLaunder enables you to buy Bitcoins anonymously with cash. Most 'mainstream' Bitcoin exchanges require you to send documents, ID, and impose volume limits. We offer completely anonymous Bitcoin purchase options such as cash deposit at local banks.

Sell Bitcoin Anonymously

DarkLaunder enables you to sell Bitcoins completely anonymously. First, we automatically anonymize your Bitcoins. Then we deposit funds securely to your bank account, Paypal account, or send you Western Union cash. There is no connection between your Bitcoins and your real world identity.

Easy to Use

DarkLaunder is designed to be extremely easy to use with a simple, intuitive interface.

Fast Processing

The DarkLaunder Bitcoin mixer takes under six hous to completely anonymize your coins. Anonymous Bitcoin exchange transactions (such as buy/sell orders) are processed same day, much faster than 'mainstream' exchanges.

Customer Support

DarkLaunder provides top-notch, responsive customer support 24/7.


DarkLaunder is fast, reliable and trustworthy. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients.


DarkLaunder collects no personal information whatsoever from its clients and guarantees absolute privacy. We do not store IP addresses or any other information.

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DarkLaunder does not impose age or country restrictions on its users. Everyone is welcome to use DarkLaunder.
DarkLaunder does not impose account volume limits, restrictions, or limitations.
Creating an account on DarkLaunder is completely free and takes about 20 seconds.

High Volume Bitcoin Mixer Tumbler Anonymous Bitcoin Exchange

Clients from all over the world use DarkLaunder to launder their Bitcoins and buy/sell Bitcoin anonymously.